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What in the World?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

It is a part of our family's vernacular daily, "What in the world?" Regularly, we ask the question about something my son has just done due to not thinking through an action's consequences. Other times, and most often, we ask about my daughter's reckless attempts at driving. Our entire family also uses this question as an opening comment to outlandish things we share with each other from Instagram or YouTube.

Two thousand years ago, Paul may have likewise used his version of this bewildered phraseology. Because, after hearing of the happenings at the Church at Corinth, I feel like he may have been searching for words on more than one occasion. Upon departing as their pastor, he had left them with a solid foundation. Yet, they quickly digressed into the muck and mire of sin despite previous deliverance. Drunkenness, sexual immorality, and divisive actions had once again become commonplace behaviors.

Unable to visit his former church in-person, Paul wrote to his congregants with incredible disappointment. In his letter, at one point, he is so frustrated that he expresses a desire to take a whip to the backs of those choosing to disgrace grace.

It leads me back to the question, "What in the world?" But, with a more sincere use of the inquiry as I find the Holy Spirit leading me to self-examination, "What in the world is in me?"

What part of the world's behavior, ideologies, philosophies, and sinfulness has gotten loose in me?

In my life, where have I become worldly? Where have I ceased consecration?

And, if I have in any form stopped yielding to grace's victory over sin(s), then why?

Paul's first letter to the Corinthians is authoritative in tone. With skill and precision, it will pierce the heart of any believer. I invite you to journey with me through the first chapter of 1 Corinthians in this message, "What in the World is in You?". In the message, I share why it's essential to know the meaning of some big, intimidating words in Scripture. Righteousness, sanctification, redemption... knowing how to yield to God's grace as we embrace his promises on these subjects helps us to keep the world out of our hearts and behavior. And, thankfully, as a result, we find:

  1. Victory over the PATH of sin,

  2. Victory over the PENALTY of sin

  3. Victory over the POWER of sin

  4. Victory over the PRESENCE of sin.

Check out the message in its entirety here: What in the World is in You?

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Can u help me find the one that Eric talks about kentucky when he saw the cloud

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