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This is Why You Absolutely Need to See Things This Way

Corrie ten Boom used the analogy that it would look like a mess if you viewed a loom from underneath, but it would look like a beautiful piece of art if you looked at it from above.

Consider that the Earth is God’s loom, and He views it from above. He understands the ‘loom process’ that He has set in place, and to Him, it is beautiful. But because we view our world from underneath, it too often looks and feels like a mess.

In this vein, the Bible; especially, the book of Revelation, helps us see our world from the same perspective as God sees it. And that changes everything! When you see life from the vantage point of Heaven, it looks different. And, suddenly, we are reminded that God is the author and the finisher, the alpha and the omega. He is the first and the last! And, NOTHING is a surprise to Him. Jesus has a plan to defeat spiritual darkness and win the battle for eternity. We just need to change our perspective and see things from a different vantage point.

The word throne is used 45 times throughout the book of Revelation. And, it makes clear that the ultimate throne belongs to Jesus, and everything proceeds from His throne. According to the whole counsel of Scripture, Satan has wanted this throne from the very beginning. When he was first an angel named Lucifer, he had instruments and stones placed within his body and led beautiful worship.

Ezekiel 28 -- alongside Leviticus’ details of High Priests’ breastplates -- leads us to interpret that Lucifer’s stones, when activated by God’s light, cast beautiful rainbows throughout heaven. But Lucifer was selfish and unhappy. He wanted the angels to worship him and not God. As a result, he organized a revolt with one-third of the other angels in Heaven to take God’s throne. They lost being cast down from Heaven by God. Landing like with the force of lightning strike on the other side of God’s wrath, Lucifer dusted off his ego and became the chief of all fallen angels, the devil, whom we now refer to as Satan.

From the creation of Mankind, the devil has been harassing humanity. (Just read Genesis 1-3!) Our enemy has been trying to steal, kill, and destroy everything we have. But God had a plan, and He sent Jesus to save us all through His blood, and on a hill called Calvary, He took back the keys to death, hell, and the grave! He reestablished His kingship on earth. The gates of Hell will not prevail because God created the church, and His Kingdom made manifest through that Church will win!

The enemy is trying to create a space on this earth that allows him to envision victory, but in reality, we serve a King that has already won! If you want peace, read the back of the book because it will change your perspective. You get the view from above!

You may have been looking at your life from underneath the loom -- the messy side -- but the Holy Spirit wants you to look at it from above. You can win the situation you are in, you can, and you will survive what is transpiring, things will get better, and you have a reason to keep fighting. Let the Holy Spirit refresh and restore you! Remember, all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. Change your perspective to the vantage point of Heaven!

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