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The Power of Knowing Your Purpose

God has a purpose for each of our lives, and when we have a firm understanding of our purpose accompanied by a clear vision, we can overcome any circumstances that try to stand in our way.

Apostle Paul exemplified this when, while in prison, he wrote a letter of encouragement to the Church at Phillipi. It would have been understandable if Paul had decided to stop being aggressive with the Gospel while in prison. But instead, he considered his challenges an opportunity to share the Gospel all the more.

Why, in the midst of chains, could Paul pick up a pen and a piece of paper and write a letter of encouragement that would help empower and equip the Church at Phillipi to advance the Gospel?

Because he understood his purpose!

Paul and his companions were headed in one direction, but their plans changed when God interjected and showed him a vision of his purpose…a vision of a Macedonian man calling for help (Acts 16). This vision changed everything!

Like Paul, when you understand your purpose

1. It will MOTIVATE YOU.

An apathetic lifestyle is a result of a lack of purpose. And a lack of motivation leads to an unfruitful life. Paul knew his purpose, and even chains would not stop him.


A lack of purpose and motivation will lead to misplaced priorities. Paul knew that God’s purpose could prevail even in prison. It helped him keep his priorities straight despite the circumstance. He made his circumstances work for him, not the other way around.

3. It will empower you to LIVE IN THE PRESENT.(1)

Many people can’t embrace the present because they are too busy grieving over yesterday and fretting over tomorrow, while missing their purpose in the present. Paul was not concerned about what may happen to him tomorrow. Instead, he was focused on the purpose at hand in the present.

Like Paul, we cannot allow our CIRCUMSTANCE to determine our PASSION because our PURPOSE can fuel our PASSION regardless of our circumstances.

If you struggle with knowing your purpose, start by acknowledging that we are ALL called to share the Gospel. Secondly, ask God to show you your “Macedonian man”. As you start to make God first in your life and align your heart with His, He will bring clarity to your purpose!

1 )John Maxwell Study Bible, 1348.


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