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People of the Bible: Moses & The Israelites

Book of the Bible: Exodus 14-24

After about 400 years of living in Egypt, Joseph’s family grew to about 2 million people. The Bible says that there came a time where everything Joseph did for Egypt was forgotten and Joseph’s descendants or the Israelites were forced to be slaves because the new Pharaoh feared they would be too powerful if he set them free.

Then one day, God picked a man named Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage to the land God had promised Abraham many years before. That land would one day become the nation of Israel.

When Moses told Pharaoh that he and the rest of the Israelites wanted to leave Egypt, he wouldn’t let them go. So, God had to send 10 plagues against the nation of Egypt. Finally, after the 10th plague Pharaoh finally let all the Israelites leave.

However, after he let them leave he changed his mind and wanted them to come back. Pharaoh gathered his army and chased the Israelites through the wilderness. Pharaoh and his army eventually cornered the Israelites at the Red Sea but God saved the Israelites by splitting the Red Sea and letting them cross through. The Egyptians ran after them, but after all the Israelites went through, the sea crashed on the army and killed all Pharaoh’s soldiers.

God saved his people and eventually set them up as a nation. But the Israelites didn’t always listen to God. Throughout their entire history, the Israelites were stuck in a cycle of disobeying God and needed him to rescue them again.

The Israelites would turn their back on God, and bad things would happen as a result. Then they would see how they had sinned and they would turn back to God and ask for forgiveness. After the Israelites repented, God would save them. This happened time after time after time. God would always redeem His people.

Each time Israelite would turn their backs on God, their sin would get worse. Then one day God sent His son Jesus as a final redemption for not only the Israelites but for all people. When Jesus died on the cross, he saved the entire world from its sin. When we believe that Jesus did this for us, we will experience eternal life in heaven.

Key Takeaways:

  • Turn from sin and turn to God

  • God saved the Israelites

  • God saved us through His son Jesus

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