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NEW SERIES: The World Didn't Give It

Join us this Sunday, August 21st, at one of our 3trees Locations for the launch of a four-week Bible Study on the Book Philippians, entitled The World Didn't Give It.

During this series, Pastor Eric will take a deeper look into each chapter of Philippians and share biblical and meaningful truths that will empower and equip our lives.

As we prepare our hearts for this series, we encourage you and your family to read the first chapter of Philippians this week by following along with our Bible reading plan on

We look forward to hosting you and your family this Sunday!



Campbellsville | 9:30am EST

1375 Old Hodgenville Road

Campbellsville, KY 42718

Columbia | 9:45am CST

208 Will Walker Road

Columbia, KY 42728

Russell Springs | 11:00am CST

3515 KY-80

Russell Springs, KY 42642

Online | 9:30am CST

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