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How to Overcome Toxic Thinking

Our thoughts consistently affect our actions in either positive or negative ways. And if we are not careful, our negative or toxic thoughts can spread within us like the deadly disease gangrene. Toxic thoughts, like gangrene, can cut off the supply to the life force (the blood) and cause a slow death.

As believers in Jesus, we are called to set our minds on things above, not on the things of this earth. SETTING OUR MINDS IS AN ACTIVE CHOICE.

To overcome toxic thoughts, we must identify how our thoughts are vulnerable. And we do that by breaking down toxic thinking into these four categories.


Negativity is a glass-half-empty rather than half-full mentality. Instead of looking around and seeing the evidence of God's work in every situation, we are prone to complaining and assuming the worst. However, we can fight negative thoughts by choosing to see the bigger picture of God’s work in our lives. This means having hope in Christ, not in our present circumstances.


If we walk in fear rather than trusting God, it will paralyze our everyday life and relationship with Christ.

2 Timothy 1:7 tells us, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.”

We fight fear by seeking to have a heart surrendered deeply to God, understanding that if something is big enough to worry about, it is big enough to pray about!


Discontentment believes that whatever you have in life isn’t good enough. So we fight discontentment by spending less time focusing on what we don't have and thanking God for what we have.

Develop an attitude of gratitude!


Often, people will criticize what they do not understand. Toxic thoughts of criticism might sound like someone constantly saying, "There's always room for improvement."

Although we should always be open to feedback and operate with a teachable spirit, there is a BIG difference between encouragement, building up, and criticism. Instead of telling someone EVERYTHING they do wrong, let’s CELEBRATE, ENCOURAGE, AND BUILD UP what they are doing right. Then you will see they will be more willing to receive your advice, guidance, and correction.

We fight criticism in our thoughts by examining our critical thoughts and finding encouragement for others instead.

Our thoughts will either move us in one of two directions -- towards God or away from Him. So, which way are your thoughts leading you? If you find yourself dealing with negativity, fear, discontentment, or criticism, be encouraged today that, through Jesus, we can CHANGE WHAT WE THINK ABOUT!


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