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How to Know What God is Calling You To Do

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

We are all called to build the kingdom of God. But do you know the specific part that God is calling you to play? Can you describe the call of God on your life in a simple way?

Many believe that God only reveals His call for our lives through a burning bush encounter like Moses or Samuel’s visit to David. And when we don’t experience those encounters, we interpret the absence of the divine phenomena as a lack of interest on God’s part. However, oftentimes, God will speak to us as he did to Noah.

Noah knew what he was called to do because he simply walked in close fellowship with God.

Noah didn’t have a burning bush encounter when the Lord revealed his plan to build an ark. He was just walking with the Lord, step-by-step, day-by-day, while living in the middle of a culture that had lost all God-consciousness -- to the point, every thought of mankind was evil.

Through the life of Noah, God actually teaches us that He is more concerned with our DAILY WALK than our MASSIVE CALL. Because we can’t PERFORM THE CALL if we don’t have THE WALK.

Check out this message from Pastor Eric as he reveals how our walk with God is directly related to hearing the call of God on our lives.

“This is the account of Noah and his family. Noah was a righteous man, the only blameless person living on earth at the time, and he walked in close fellowship with God.” (Genesis 6:9 NLT)


My friend Rich Holmes wrote a great book on the subject of Noah, and his content inspired several of my thoughts on this subject. Get Rich's book here.


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