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Adam and Eve

Bible Story: Genesis 1-3

Who was Adam?

  • Adam was the first person God created on Earth.

  • God formed him from the dust of the Earth.

  • He lived in the Garden of Eden.

  • God placed him in the garden to watch over the plants and animals. God even gave Adam the job of naming all the animals.

Who was Eve?

  • Adam was lonely in the garden, so God made Eve to be his helper.

  • God formed Eve by taking a rib from Adam and forming it into a woman.

What was life in the Garden of Eden like?

  • Adam and Eve took care of all the plants and animals.

  • God would come to the garden to walk and talk with them every day.

  • They ate from the tree of life, giving them the ability to live forever.

  • God gave them one rule, don’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The Fall

  • The devil took the form of a serpent and started talking to Eve. The serpent tempted Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. She ate the fruit and gave some to Adam, and he ate as well.

  • Adam and Eve disobeyed God. They knew they had sinned, so they tried to hide from God. But no one can hide from God.

  • God punished the serpent for tempting Eve by making it crawl on its belly and eat dust

  • God punished Adam and Eve by kicking them out of the garden and making life harder for them.

  • Because they were kicked out of the garden, they could no longer eat from the tree of life, which meant they would eventually die.

  • Because Adam and Eve sinned, evil entered the world. All bad things that happen are tied back to the Fall, but God had a plan for redemption.

  • Jesus, the new Adam, entered the world and took all this sin upon himself, dying so that we don’t have to.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth

  • The serpent tempted them to disobey God


Parents, 3treesKIDS will also be learning about Adam and Eve, both in-person and online this Sunday.

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