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TRANSCRIPTION | Sunday, June 19, 2022 | Make Waves Series | God Is Going to Show You Something


We have our irons in a lot of fires. And but the thing that is the most important to us is our role in pastoring this church. But we often travel and speak and preach and do things. And it seems like the last year or so I've spoken at more men's conferences and men's nights than maybe at any other period of time in the history of my ministry during the same season, of time.


And I don't know, it's just kind of in a word, burning in my heart for men. And I hope it resonates with you guys today. I do want to say that women, I think this word will help you as well and that it'll if you're not married it's going to help you to know what kind of man to pray for.


And if you are married, it's going to help you to know how to better pray for the man that God has already brought into your life. Because I believe these are some things that God wants to accomplish through me in Genesis chapter three, verse number nine. But the Lord God called to the man, just look over somebody and tell them the man.


Now, I know different translations kind of word this verse differently, but for where we're going today, this is very significant to the subject that the Lord called to the man. We know the man's name was Adam. The Lord God called to the man. Tell somebody the man. Where are you? Where are you? When the family was disconnected from God.


The first ever household was lost to restore order. God emphasized addressing and locating the man first man. Where are you, Father? I ask you to help me. To priest. To help me to teach. To share your word. I ask you for an anointing and a special grace for this moment. In Jesus name, this church said, Hey, man, let's look at the verse one more time.


Not just for the sake of being repetitious, but for the sake of emphasis. But the Lord God called to the man. Where are you I was in a time of personal devotion, and I was reading through the beginning of the Book of Genesis. And when I got to this verse I had to just kind of take some time and allow the Holy Spirit to deal with my own heart.


And I think that the Holy Spirit would like to deal with many of the hearts that are in this room and in church online this morning. But the Lord God called to the man. Where are you? Here's the point in Eden. God wanted a man. So he made one. He made that man in his image. And from that moment until now, God's been looking for one so God wanted a man.


God made a man. And then that man took off running from God into sin. And the things of this world. And so God was not asking Adam where he was at so that he could find him. God already knew where Adam was at. When God asked a question, he always already knows the answer. If God is asking a question, He's trying to make you and me aware of something.


And so in asking this question, what what God was trying to reveal to Adam is that there was a displacement that had taken place that in one moment Adam had been near to God. And now, because of the decisions that he was making, he was far from God. And so God says, Adam, where are you? God made this man so that he could have communion with him, so that he could have relationship with him, so that he could accomplish things in the Earth through him, even giving unto this man dominion.


And then the man began to make bad decisions. And as a direct result of those bad decisions, there were now consequences. And the greatest of those consequences is that he was separated from God Adam, where are you? You know, this passage of text is not the only passage in the Bible that reveals God searching for a man or trying to make humanity aware of his desire to be close to man.


In fact, there's a prophet in the Old Testament. His name is Ezekiel. He's one of the most eccentric characters in all of Scripture. But on behalf of God, he speaks to the nation of Israel in one particular moment. And he says, this is equal chapter 22 verse 30. So I saw it for a man among them who would stand in the gap before me on behalf of the land.


But I found no one. Now, think about that for a minute. That that God is speaking to an entire nation of people, and he's saying your nation is being destroyed because of its lack of consecration to heaven's will. And God is saying, I'm just trying to find one man who will stand up on behalf of this nation. And be an intercessor, if you will, to stand in the gap between heaven and earth and say, God, I'll be a conduit there.


Whatever you want to do, in the Earth, you can bring it through my life that God, if there's something you want to do in this community, I'll make myself available. There's something you want to do in my family. I'll make myself available God, if there's something you want to accomplish in this nation, I will make myself available. And God said I couldn't even find one man who would stay and in the gap and be a conduit between heaven and earth.


But I found no one. So in the beginning, God made a man. And from that time until now, he's been searching for one. Over and over again. This process reveals itself in Scripture. It wasn't just a zeal that found this to be true, but many of you probably heard the name David in regards to Scripture. You might even be new to church, but you have somewhat of an understanding of who this guy named David was is his most famous conquest is when he was still a young man and God used him to take the head off of a giant.


It was interesting. The entire army of Israel was standing there cowardly, and then this young man shows up and says, I'm not afraid of that giant. I know if God's for me, this thing will take care of itself. But there was another king in the land at that time. His name was Saul, and God had chosen Saul to be the king.


But but Saul became prideful. He he lacked humility. He started doing sinful things. And the result of it was that God decided Saul was going to have to be removed from his position of authority. And in Saul's place, God starts looking for a man. He starts searching for a man who can now become the new leader. Of the nation.


And what Scripture says happens is in verse Samuel, chapter 13, 14. Saul, your kingdom will not continue because you've not continued to make your heart available to me, because the Lord has sought for himself a man after his own heart and the Lord has commanded Him to be Commander over His people. Because you have not kept the Word that the Lord commanded.


You know who God found, David? That little giant killer that was hanging out over in the shepherds field, and God put an anointing on His life, in fact, multiple and warnings that were on his life. And things didn't go the way he wanted initially, but he just kept giving his heart to God. And in due time, he was in the position that everybody else wanted living a life of success and significance.


Because when God couldn't find a man David made himself available, gave his heart over to God, aligned his heart with the things of God, you might be shocked at what God would do to your life if He could just find you as a man available to him, somebody who would say, God, I'm yours, do in me, do through me, do with me whatever it is that you want to do.


John, chapter four says that God Himself, the father, the father is searching the earth, trying to find somebody even to this day that will just worship him in spirit and in truth, that won't go through the motions of a religious experience, but that would really like desire to have a relationship with God. That's why when we're in a moment of worship or you have an opportunity to be obedient to God, or you've got an opportunity to lean into the Word of God, like it's not time to be drifting off or becoming a spectator it's time to let God know.


If you're looking for a man, you can find one right here in this role, in this aisle and this seat. Given God, I wish I could find somebody this morning that would receive no word from God over your life. Like it's in this moment where you're like, OK, God, you're looking for a man, you're looking for a father, you're looking for a husband.


I'm here. God, I will worship you. What I've heard so many men tell me over the years is that I just don't feel like I'm as spiritual as my wife. And so then what starts to happen is that men feel intimidated to try to speak in a spiritual context because they feel like that their wife has been more successful in studying devotions and maybe reading scripture and maybe even going to the small group.


And they kind of feel like, well, maybe I don't maybe I just don't have the insight into Scripture that if I were trying to say something, you know, with, with, with on behalf of God in this family, I'd make a mistake and I would mess up. Listen, can I tell you something? God likes to take a mess and turn it into a message.


He likes to take a test and turn it into a testimony. At some point, you got to stop being the thermometer and start being the thermostat in your house. And you would be shocked at how glad your wife would be to see you finally step up and become a man that God can find. You know, in Scripture, there's this guy named Jonah.


And and Jonah is a guy who has a call of God on his life. He he has the purpose of God for his life. But but John Jonah's intimidated by it, and and he's concerned about it. And and probably Jonah even has, like, other aspirations in his life than just becoming this guy that supposedly God wants him to be.


And so God gives him a clear instruction that he is supposed to relocate his life from this position to that position. But along the way, Jonah's like, I really don't want to do this. And so he goes the opposite direction of God's will for his life. And if you familiar with the story at all, you know, what happens is that Jonah gets swallowed by a whale of a problem And so what happens in our life?


Every single one of us in this room, male or female right now, are in one of these three conditions we are either running from God, we are running to God, or we are running with God. Every single one of us checks online here. Me, you are in one of those three conditions. You're either running from God, you're running to God, or you're running with God.


Now, I wonder, is there anybody under the sound of my voice that you've ever run from God? How did that end up? Wind up with any wheels you wind up with any moments that you feel like you've been swallowed by something that was absolutely going to destroy your life. But isn't it amazing how God has a tendency to take those problems and bring you back to the source of your destiny and give you chance after chance after chance to start running to him again?


And then the great thing about it is that once you start running to him, you will find that he's going to run to you and you're going to discover that you get to run with God. And if you've ever run from him, there's nothing quite like running with him. And there are men under the sound of my voice this morning that you have spent years in your life running from God.


Some of you know that you have the call of God on your life and you're running from it. It's one of the reasons that you're so hesitant to do anything God oriented because you're just not sure that you like this purpose thing that it seems like God is stirring up in your heart. There's there's others of you that you've just went through extended seasons in your life, that the only way you could describe it, if you would finally put words to it, is to say that you have run from God.


But the Lord has set you up this morning to give you an opportunity to be a man that He can find. As you will say, I will run to God, and if you will run to Him, you're going to leave this property today running with him. And you're going to discover on the other side of that that he's still the author, he's still the finisher, he's still the beginning.


He's still the end to run with God. He's looking for a man. He's looking for a husband. He's looking for a father that will leave this worship experience this morning running with him. Our mistake is that we're really, really good at running from God. We're pretty good at running to God, especially if we get the oil will that'll wake you up and you realize, OK, I need some God in my life.


But it seems like we run from we run to but too often we don't run with There's a story in scripture, a few more men. Can we talk about a few women in scripture? These guys are in the New Testament. They are ten lepers and they got a problem in their life. They got a whale, if you will.


They have leprosy. They're in this terrible shape. There's no medical cure. There's no health answer. They're just sick and they're their flesh is literally coming off of their body in painful lesions and what happens is they meet Jesus. In fact, the Bible says they run to him, and after they run to him, the Bible says all ten of them are cleansed.


Just tell your neighbor cleansed. Cleansed. So Scriptures says they are cleansed. Now, what that means is they don't have leprosy anymore. Jesus has solved their problem. And this scripture says that they all walk away cleansed. But there's one of those jokers who realizes, OK, I've run from God. I've just seen what run in to God can do for me.


I think I want to try running with him. So he turns around and he goes back and assembles himself with Jesus and starts worshiping Jesus and starts praising Jesus and starts glorifying Jesus. And Jesus looks at him and he says, What are you doing? And he's like, Well, what you did for me, I don't ever I've never had an experience like that.

I want to continue to live experiences like that. So, Jesus, I'm just going to hang with you. And Jesus looked at him and said, Where are the other nine?


Just tell somebody God's looking for a man like Jesus.


Didn't cleanse ten of you.


Like, didn't fix ten of you did not resolve this issue for ten of you. Well, yeah, but you know, they're going on, they're going to see the priest, they're going to go through some ceremonial stuff. And the reason they want to do that is because that meant they got their earthly lives back. If you had been diagnosed as a leper, the priest of the temple then said you could no longer congregate in normal social circles.


So now that they were cleanse, the first thing they want to do is go get the earthly life back. But this joker realized there was something better than what Earth could offer him. He had experienced the touch of the kingdom of heaven, and he comes over here and he's like, I'm going to run with Jesus. And Jesus looked at him and said, You will be made whole.


So none got ten guys got cleansed, but only one of them was told that he would be made whole. Do you know what that means for a leper? I've shared it with our church in the past, but I think we need to be reminded of it that a leper, one of the things that would happen is that the nerve endings would so die.


They could even have mice or rats that would eat away their fingers while they were sleeping, and that the fingers would completely be gone. And other times they would pull at the lesions on their ears until the ears would completely be gone. They would literally be disfigured. Many times they would lose all or a portion of their nose.


But to be made whole versus being made cleansed is that cleansed means you don't have leprosy anymore, but you still look like what you've been through. But to be made whole means that you not only are cured of leprosy, but your nose came back, your ears came back, your fingers grew back, and you don't look like what you've been through.


Then there are some of you men that you've wrestled with an addiction, and God wants to cleanse you of the addiction. But I came to tell you, if you run with him, he'll not only cleanse you, he'll give you back everything the devil stole from you. It's his word that the enemy has to give it back seven times what you lost.


It might look different and it might not seem exactly the same. But he has the way of the glory of the ladder house will be greater than the glory of the former house.


I try to stay calm but I believe that the Lord wants to make somebody whole like I believe that with everything that's within me, that God wants to take some of you men and you're not going to look like what you've been through. I don't care how many things have failed up to this point, how many things didn't go right, whether it was just in business or it was in relationship, or it was in your spiritual life, you have a God who will make you whole if you'll stop running from him, start running to him and make the decision to run with him.


He's looking for a man who will run with him. And so many times when you see men and you can't understand how it is that it seems like so much of their life just just constantly falls into place and that even if something goes wrong, they just have a way of getting back on their feet and put it all back together again.


It ain't because he's smarter than everybody else in him, because he's got something figured out. Persay in the realm of this out of the other, if it continues to last, it's because the touch touching the hand of God is on that person's life. And I think God is looking for a man so where are you Hey, man, where are you? Can your family even find you. Where are you. Come Sunday morning, where are you?


When all hell is breaking loose and your family's life and your kid is going through all kinds of stuff at school. Where are you I'm not trying to be mean or to insult you. I'm asking you a question that I believe the Holy Spirit ask every one of us. I mean.


Where are you.


We have a way of letting the things of this world pull us away from God's assignment. And even our relationship with him. Where are you? He teaches us with David that if he can find you and he can find your heart aligned with him, there's nothing he won't give you. In fact, David gives us all hope because his heart was after God.


He saw God. God found a man. And David, God did incredible stuff to David. And then David got crazy after a woman that wasn't his wife and went and messed up. And God looked at David. It's one of the most powerful verses in the entire Old Testament, in my opinion. God looked at David. He said, David, if everything I give you wasn't enough why didn't you tell me In other words, David, as long as your heart was sink with me, there is nothing that I wouldn't release into you.


If it wasn't enough, why didn't you tell me why did you go chase the world? If I don't run from God? Run to God so that you can run with God. And when you stumble and you fall and you mess up, cry out to God in repentance and watch Him put you back on the path. There's there's places in Scripture that continue to point out what God can do through a man.


I made it. And I want to talk to you about one of them in just a second from book Acts Chapter six. But first, I want to give you a statement. Something transitionally happened in this church a number of years ago.


We we had always wanted to reach as many people as possible. We had always wanted to see as many people come to God as possible. We've always been about this idea that everyone needs Jesus. But but we went through a season where God really began to deal with my heart about the need to win men to the Lord.


And He specifically spoke to me out of the Book of Acts about this this moment in Paul's life where Paul's trying to figure out which direction the ministry should go next. And God speaks to Paul He gives him a vision and he shows him what the Bible says is a Macedonian man. And when Paul sees that Macedonian man, he knows what the target of his ministry, evangelistic Lee is supposed to be next.


And so he begins to realign everything in order to to find the Macedonian meaning And for me, what I felt like that meant is that God wanted to speak two, three, three search about our Macedonian man. And I had some trouble figuring it out. And then I looked in the mirror and I realized good old boys good old boys Now I can take you back to 20, 18, 20, 11.


When that revelation came, and we just made a decision, we're going after good old boys, and they can be poor, good old boys. They can be wealthy, good old boys. But we're going after good old boys. Because I believe when you reach good old boys, they're going to bring a whole family with them and they're going to bring everybody's been hanging out the back of the keg with them, and they're going to bring I can't get no help.


You know, you have no idea what I've seen in the last ten years. And I've watched and I began to pray for what happened in the life of David. The Bible talks about that after God really started using David, that everybody that was discontent, disgruntled and in debt came to him in a cave called Adam. And there he began to mentor them and he began to develop them.


And then when David was dying, he gave his last words, talking about the mighty men of valor and the exploits that they had done on the battlefield for the sake of God. And I've been praying for north of ten years now that God is going to bring good old boys. Some of them will be in debt, some of them will be discontented, and some of them will be disgruntled, and some of them will be divorced and some of them will be addicted, and some of them will be this, that and the other.


But when God gets done with their life, they're going to be married men of valor. That Hale is not going to have an answer for in the state of Kentucky and beyond. And people will stand back and talk about who they used to be baffled by who they have become, because God will use the foolish things that can go down the wise.


And I will go across three locations today, across three counties and over and over again I will see young and old men who have been totally and completely transformed by the anointing and the power of God, because they stopped running from God, they started running to God, and now they're running with God. And Haile has no answer for them because when God builds His church, the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.


God's looking for a man and women. God intends to use you and use you modeling when you're searching for a man found you, one that's on fire for God and not just running from God and to God, but running with God. And you're saying, I'm married. That's not the story of my household. Right now. I want you to know that one move of God can change everything.


And the books in the Book of Acts Chapter six and what John preached for just a minute and the book of Acts Chapter 16, Paul and Silas are preaching. They're doing great things for the kingdom and they are arrested. And there is a man that is a part of the Roman government, who is the jailer of that prison.


And he puts Paul and Silas in the jail cell. He is intent on keeping them in the jail cell in other words, this man is complicit in imprisoning the gospel. And then Paul and Silas started praising God in the midnight hour and revival broke out in that jail cell. And the next thing you know that in the middle of God loosing Paul and Silas from their chains, the first guy to come to them and say, I need to be saved is the jailer.


The least likely person on the property to get saved was the first one to give his life to Jesus. And He went running to God. And the next thing you know, He's running with God back to his house. And the Bible says that night his entire household was saved. So even even if your husband is someone that is imprisoning the gospel in your home, one move of God, one good shaking and everything can change.


Last week I had the chance to be at the church of one of my good friends, and he was preaching about the importance of sharing the gospel and he told about a pastor who came to his dad's house and tried to get his dad to go to church and and to experience Jesus as savior. And his dad was so adamant that this man leave him alone, that after a few visits, he finally pulled a gun on this pastor. And he said, Don't ever come to my door. Again. If you do, I will end your life.


The man kept praying for this pastor, kept praying for this man. And one day out of the blue, there had been some things that went wrong in this man's life. There was a shake that was transpiring. And he got up. He looked at his wife, the wife. He previously told her she couldn't even bring a Bible into the house.


She had to sneak Bibles into the home so that she could engage with her children when he wasn't around or he wasn't working. This man that said he would shoot the pastor if he ever came back to the house. He looked at his wife and said, Where are you going? She said, Well, I was going to go to church.


And he said, Why not go with you? Pastor and that day, when the altar call was given, that man was the first person in the altar giving his life to Jesus. Got up from that moment and ran with God and preach the gospel for 30 years. And his son married the daughter of the man who was threatening to be killed.


And he I believe God is going to save some jailers because some of y'all been feel like you've been living in a prison, but God's about you so.


Oh, I wish I could.


I wish I could Here's what it looks like. I'll give you some stats here's what here's what it looks like when when men can't be found this is how it affects homes.


Children with involved dads are significantly less likely to be molested or mistreated. In any way, according to fatherhood talk. Children who live with their dads do significantly better in school Yet today, nearly 5 million children in America live without a father in the home, children living without their father in the home. Are 47% more likely to live in poverty.


Young men who grow up with absent fathers are more likely to also become absent fathers themselves. Young women who grow up with absent fathers are more likely to have children with men who will become absent fathers. It's proven that boys have fewer behavioral problems and girls have fewer psychological problems when they have involved dads. Infant deaths within the first 28 days of life is four times higher for those with absent fathers than those with involved fathers.


Children living in a home with no father present have a poverty rate of nearly 50% over four times the rate for children living in married households. But individuals from absent father homes are 279% more likely to be involved in gun violence or drugs. Pregnant women without the support of the father of the child are 48% more likely to lose the child to miscarriage.


There are 10 million single mothers in households in America, compared to only 2 million single father households. Daughters are less likely to contract an STD or become prematurely pregnant when they have consistent contact and a sense of support from their fathers. It goes on and on and on about the importance of your family being able to find you and how much more of value are we to be found if we have allowed God to find us first stop running from him, start running to him, begin running with him, and God is going to use you as an agent of change in your household and in your community, in your church.


In your workplace. This is the last thing I have for you. They're going to play some music, and I realize I've been a little scattered this morning. I've done it on purpose. I'm really not interested in crafting a beautiful homiletics exegesis for you this morning. I'd just rather talk to you now. If you won't come back next Sunday, I'll have a lot of people still up on your hermeneutical exegesis of Anton Prophecy.


In his logical other words, you can't pronounce one verse Daniel chapter and verse seven and I Daniel along saw the vision for the men who were with me did not see the vision. Just leave it up there for a second. Church on line in person. Just leave the verse for a second. And I, Daniel alone saw the vision.


The men who were with me did not see the vision not trying to sound super spiritual.


Not trying to be overly eccentric. But I believe with all my heart that the Lord spoke to me in prayer this week.


And told me to tell you, man, he wants to show you something he wants to show you something about your future. He wants to show you something about his plans for you, about his purpose. He wants to show you something about your business. He wants to show you something about your family. He wants to show you something about your community, your small group, your church.


He wants to show you something and not everybody's going to see it.


Not everyone else is going to understand it. It might not even make sense to the other people in your household. It may be something you got to just keep to yourself for a while and pray through it and think through it. But I believe God wants to show you something I was 12 years old, and I was sitting in a classroom a Sunday school classroom, a kids church classroom.


There was a whole room full of kids and I'll go to my grave on this truth in my life. I saw something and no one else saw it. And I knew what my future scared me so bad that I can't even explain it. But for the next six years of my life, I ran from God but at mile marker 82 on the Cumberland Parkway, that 18 year old he decided to let me see something when two weeks later, fully surrendered to the call of God and from that time until now, I've been behind one of these desk over 7000 times.


I could completely rerouted my life. I thought I was going to be an engineer that ran an excavating business and brokered cattle. That was my plan for my life.


And now I just get to go after good ol boys Haskell over and over again. Where are you looking for you he's looking for you. He wants to show you something every about every hour close. Father I know that you are looking for somebody, and it's not that you can't find him or that you don't know where they're at.


It's that they just keep running of you. God, I've been there over and over again in my life.


But I thank you that you are a God who show us something. There are young men that today. God, you want to show them something there are seasoned men.


You want to show them something.


And, God, I pray that today, whether in church, online, or across the room, we will come running to you. And God, I sense it. There are women in this room this morning that our hearts are broken to think it. My husband, the man in my life, he needs to hear this. And he's not here.


God, I pray that there will be an impartation, a deposit even. And then that you will hear their prayers and even through their chaste conversation that there will be fruit from what they have had deposited this morning as well.


God, I think thank you that you'll let us run to you God, there are there are men that today you need to surrender I pray God that hands would be lifted to you.


God, as we cry out to you as savior as we honor, he was Lord as we bleed the blood of Calvary's cross over our life. That God, there's going to be a born again, a made new experience, a fresh start moment in our lives, or run into your God. And I pray, Father, that we will leave this place and leave this worship experience even in church on line running with you, running with you.

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