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Twice Mine

The boy who held his little boat and said, “It’s mine, I made it,” suffered a keen disappointment. One day, with exuberant anticipation, he carried his boat to the shore of the lake and sailed it on the clear, blue water. The little boat skimmed along as the gentle breeze blew its sails across the rippling waves. Then suddenly, a gust of wind caught the little boat and snapped the string the boy was holding. Out farther and farther the little boat sailed until, at last, it vanished from sight. Sadly the boy made his way home--without his prized possession. It was lost.

The weeks and months went by. Then one day as the boy passed a toy shop, something caught his attention. Could it be? Was it really? He looked closer. It was. Yes, there in the display window was his own little boat. Overjoyed, the boy bolted into the store and told the owner about the boat on display. It really belonged to him. He had made it hadn’t he? “I’m sorry,” the shopkeeper said, “but it’s my boat now. If you want it, you’ll have to pay the price for it.

Sad at heart, the boy left the store. But he was determined to get his boat back, even though it meant working and saving until he had enough money to pay for it.

At last, the day came. Clutching his money in his fist, he walked into the shop and spread his hard-earned money on the countertop. I’ve come back to buy my boat,” the boy said. The clerk counted the money. It was enough. Reaching into the showcase, the storekeeper took the boat and handed it to the eager boy. The lad’s face lit up with a smile of satisfaction as he held the little boat in his arms. “You’re mine,” he said, “twice mine. Mine because I made you, and now, mine because I bought you.”

Dale E. Galloway, Rebuild Your Life


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