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This is as Close as You Are Ever Going to Get

The book, Win Your War, encourages us to think about these two thoughts:

  1. For a Christian, this life is as close to Hell as you will ever be.

  2. For a non-Christian, this life is as close to Heaven as you will ever be.

The latter of those two thoughts is a wretched one regarding any person in a non-Christian status. But, these reflections also lead us to consider that what we do with ‘the here’ and ‘the now’ is very important. We must allow God to be in it now so that He can be in it for all of eternity. Someday -- perhaps, soon -- EVERYTHING we know will end, and then the Kingdom of Heaven will come down and replace everything on Earth as we know it. The Kingdom of Heaven has a king, and that king is Jesus! As Christians, we should rejoice in this truth daily!

But, we should also acknowledge that we are living in between two times. The time when Christ’s Kingdom has already begun on Earth and the time when His full manifestation comes. In the interim, thankfully, Jesus taught us how to have ‘God in it’ experiences repeatedly. He said, when you pray, invite God in it! “Heavenly Father...Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:9-10 KJV)

Again, borrowing some phraseology from Win Your War, to categorize things for a moment, into which category do you fall?

  1. Are you inviting God’s Kingdom to come down through your prayers, your actions, and your faith?

  2. Or, are you trying to pull culture up through good deeds and philosophies?

You are either a Culture-up person or a Kingdom-down person. Many people who want to do good get confused between pulling CULTURE up and bringing Christ’s KINGDOM down. But, a culture-up approach is exhausting and seldom does lasting good. We need to be the people who are inviting God’s Kingdom to come down through our prayers, actions, and faith!

Culture-up people focus on their political, artistic, and sociological philosophies. They want to establish their ideologies in our world and believe then it would be a better place. Anything that doesn’t add up to their ideologies is discarded and judged as wrong.

BUT, when you step into a Kingdom-down mentality, you recognize that it’s not about trying to pull everyone up; it’s all about inviting to pull Jesus’ Kingdom down! And ultimately, JESUS can change everything! We are currently living in a culture divided because of these two different mentalities. The only thing that can genuinely reshape our world is a kingdom down attitude. We need a Biblical worldview, and we need a vision filled with prophetic unction. We need God in it!

We are in a war, a spiritual war. The book of Revelation overflows with some of the most violent stages that the world will ever know regarding this spiritual battle. It is a war against darkness and light, against the antichrist and Jesus Christ. It’s intense and can be overwhelming to read. But here’s what I want you to know, blessed is he that reads and they that hear this prophecy. It’s vital that you know and appreciate this prophecy because God is in it! And, understand the prophecies of John’s Revelation are all about perspective!

Blessed is he that reads, and they that hear the words of this prophecy…

-Revelation 1:3 (KJV)

We must stop letting man’s ideology prevail in our personal space. If we are to win our world for the good and bring it into the light, we must renew our minds with a Kingdom-down mentality. Never ignoring that we are called to have ‘God in it’ through the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

I invite you to view this message, “Upon Further Review”, in its entirety at this link:

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