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The Bible

Who is God?

  • God has always been, and He will always be

  • God is perfect

  • God is Holy

  • God is the creator of the universe

  • God loves His creation, especially humans

  • God is everywhere

  • God knows everything

  • We learn about God from reading the Bible

What is the Bible?

  • A collection of 66 books that tells the story of the whole world

  • A love story between God and His creation

  • Answers questions many people have about life

    • Where did we come from?

    • Who are we?

    • Why do bad things happen? Is there a solution?

    • How do we handle our emotions?

    • Where do we go when we die?

  • The Bible follows a basic storyline

    • Creation, The Fall, Redemption, Restoration

  • God made everything. Humans sinned and allowed evil into the world. God initiated a rescue plan to save humans from evil, eventually sending His son Jesus to die for our sins. Jesus will one day come again, and everyone who believes in him will get to live in heaven with God.

Key Takeaways:

  • God created everything

  • God loves us

  • The Bible follows a basic storyline: Creation, The Fall, Redemption, Restoration

  • Everyone who believes in God will live with Him forever in heaven


Parents, 3treesKIDS will also be going through the Bible in 2023, both in-person and online.

Be sure to check out their lesson at

To find service times and locations, visit

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