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People of the Bible: Nehemiah

Book of the Bible: Nehemiah 

Who was Nehemiah?

Nehemiah’s story begins with him as a slave in a foreign land. He hears news that his home city of Jerusalem is in dire need of help but he is trapped where he is. Nehemiah prays and fasts and God provides an opportunity for him to go to Jerusalem and serve as its governor. Nehemiah takes the opportunity.

Jerusalem’s walls had fallen approximately 70 years before when the Babylonians attacked, captured, and destroyed the city. Nehemiah, along with Ezra, took the responsibility of rebuilding the city and the walls. Having strong walls around the city was important to guard it against attacks. Nehemiah showed great leadership and rallied the people around his cause.

Unfortunately, while they were rebuilding the walls, the Israelites faced great opposition from the surrounding countries. The surrounding countries feared that if they were successful at rebuilding the walls, then God would make Jerusalem a powerful nation once again.

Nehemiah was a great leader and encourager. He knew his enemies were trying to stop his people, but he didn’t go out to fight them. He had faith and trusted that God would deliver them from their enemy like he had done so many times before. He encouraged the people while they were under persecution and together they rebuilt the walls that had previously laid in ruins for 70 years. It only took them 52 days!

The story of Nehemiah shows us how strong leadership can influence a situation. But, beyond that, we are shown the power of prayer. It was Nehemiah’s prayers and his relationship with God that led to immense success. We see this in Jesus’s life as well. Jesus would often go out on his own to pray and spend alone time with God. This strong relationship with God helped Jesus follow God's will every step of the way and gave him the ability to lead people with his vision and the truth of the coming of the kingdom of God.

Prayer gives us the ability to be in a close relationship with God and discern what He wants from us. Jesus even taught us in Mark 11:24-Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Let me encourage you, prayer changes everything! Begin your day with prayer. Fill your day with prayer. End your day with prayer. Have faith, like Nehemiah, that God will answer your prayers!

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