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People of the Bible: Jesus

Jesus is the most important and most unique person to have ever lived. The Bible says that Jesus was God, but he was also man. How can this be? Well Jesus, who is God, decided to subject himself into humanity to help us see God. He became a person like us to point us towards eternal life. Without being God, Jesus would not have been able to do this. But without becoming human, Jesus would not be able to relate to the people he came to save.

It is a complicated thought, one that we cannot quite wrap our minds around. However, the Bible makes it clear that Jesus was fully God and fully Man. He came as God in human form to relate to us and show us the way to the Father.

Although Jesus only lived into his mid-30’s, he lived a full life. The Bible mostly focuses on the last 3 years of his life. During this time Jesus was preaching and teaching the Word of God to his followers. He performed many miracles through his vast power. He walked on water, he healed people, he even raised people back from the dead. He had all the power of God because he was God. The people around Jesus were often astonished at the things he was able to do.

The biggest flex of his strength and power actually came through something most people would see as weak. Jesus decided to give himself up for us. He died on a cross for all of humanity’s sins. The Bible tells us that at any time Jesus could have called upon ten thousand angels to save him from the cross, but he knew we needed saving. After his death, Jesus was laid in a tomb, but 3 days later he was raised from the dead and eventually ascended back into his heavenly home.

Many people know these stories about Jesus because this is what the Bible focuses on. The authors of the gospels wanted people to know that Jesus was the Messiah so they pointed to his power as evidence. But Jesus was also a person just like we are. The Bible tells us that Jesus ate, slept, and enjoyed hanging out with his friends.

The Bible does not tell us specifically, but it is also safe to say that Jesus would have had a fairly normal childhood. He would have helped his parents around the house. He would have played with other children his age. He experienced life just like we do. That means he experienced all the bad things as well. He knew what it was like to be sad, to be hurt, to be lonely. He was tempted just like we are. We can look to Jesus to see how we should live our life because he went through everything we go through. Jesus left his perfect home and entered into this broken world so he could relate to us and help us live for God.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jesus was fully God and fully man

  • He is powerful

  • He is like us

  • Everyone needs Jesus!

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