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New Testament Review

Matthew - Revelation

The Bible begins with the account of the creation of the world and it ends with explaining how God will one day create a new world. In the beginning, God created a perfect world, but through sin, the world became corrupt. The devil deceived Adam and Eve, and through their sin, death and suffering entered into the world. Humanity became separated from God through sin, and ever since we have been trying to recover what has been lost.

For a long time, humans tried to do this on their own but the gap of sin was too wide. God would intervene in certain situations and reveal glimpses of his everlasting love that put our “love” to shame by comparison. But even then, humanity failed to recover the relationship they had with God in the beginning. Thankfully, however, that is not the end of the story.

The New Testament begins with a long held promise from God coming to fruition. God sent His only son, in the form of a human to live with us. Jesus, being the son of God, came down from heaven as a baby. Jesus lived a perfect life and would eventually reveal that he was the Messiah, the person everyone had been waiting for. As the Messiah, Jesus would bridge the gap between humanity and God and allow for this relationship to be recovered once and for all.

However, many did not believe Jesus. Those who did not believe him sent him to die on the cross. The devil thought he had won once again, but the story wasn’t over. Jesus rose from the grave three days after his death. Through the cross and his resurrection, he has died for our sins and he has given eternal life to anyone who believes that he is the son of God.

Before Jesus returned to heaven, he gave his followers commands. He has told all those that follow him that we should spread his message far and wide. We should strive to live like Jesus and tell those around us what he has done. We are to show love to one another because of how much love Jesus has shown for us by dying in our place and giving us eternal life.

The Bible is God’s story, and we are a part of that story. The New Testament specifically tells us about how Jesus has paved the way for us to live with him forever; as well as teaching us how to live more like him.

Key Takeaways:

  • God Created Everything

  • Christ Gives Us Eternal Life

  • We Should Love Others


Parents, 3treesKIDS will also be learning about the New Testament this Sunday, both in-person and online.

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