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How to Transform Your Prayer Life through Five Offerings

In the Old Testament, there were five types of offerings. I find these offerings fascinating, not only because of what they meant to the believers of yesterday but also because of what they can mean for us today. Ultimately, while on the Cross, Jesus became all of these offerings for us, but we can glean from their significance as we walk through them during prayer. The navigational desire being that we experience all God has for us!

First, let’s take a closer look at the BURNT Offering. It represents our body. The way it worked in the Old Testament times, each individual would come, signifying the consecration of one’s body unto the Lord. Today, Romans 12:1-2 serves as a great New Testament reference point for this specific offering. When you are praying, start by acknowledging the Burnt Offering, and memorize the potent Romans 12:1-2. Let God know that you do not want to conform to this world’s image -- your desire is transformation into His image! You want God to control every aspect of your life fully; especially, your body and any labor it produces. So invite God to use you as a laborer in His Harvest as Jesus spoke about during His earthly ministry.

Second, there was the MEAT Offering. It represents the consecration of one’s labor, the fruit thereof. This offering was always submitted in association with a burnt offering. In other words, while the Burnt Offering was all about submitting our body to God, the Meat Offering was all about presenting the product of our body’s labor to our Lord. Anything you have in life, offer it back to God. Thank Him for everything He has allowed your labor to produce. This approach is also a great time to physically lay an offering in front of you or to go through the worshipful act of giving to God digitally with a prayerful and thankful heart as you acknowledge that you are nothing without Him.

Third, there was the PEACE Offering. It symbolized the Lord’s Supper. It signified reconciliation between God and humanity, just as friends share a table. An entire family would come near the tabernacle of God’s presence and set the table of feasting. Then, share the meal as a celebration of God’s provision and communion with their family. Take Communion daily. Make it a part of your prayer times. The Early Church did it. They went house to house, breaking bread daily. There is little doubt that their breaking bread together was the semblance of remembering Jesus through the sacraments of bread and wine as He had commanded them to do at the Last Supper.

Fourth, there was the SIN Offering. This offering was a sacrifice for sins against God. The animal’s body that was sacrificed for sin was taken outside the camp, while the blood was taken inside the tabernacle and offered to God directly. These events foreshadowed Jesus being sacrificed outside of the city walls through Crucifixion, then ascending to the Father as he offered His blood as a once and for all sacrifice for our sin. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We need Christ’s blood and grace! Cry out for your sin to be covered. Spare not. Don’t hold back. Call out all of your sins that come to mind. Plead Jesus’ blood over your life and thank Him for the born-again experience that ensures salvation.

Fifth, there was the TRESPASS Offering. This sacrifice was on behalf of sins against others. It was different from the Sin Offering in only one way; it erased sins against others rather than sins against God. Confess to God your sins against other people. The hateful words, the lustful thoughts, the bitter mentality that you have harbored. Speak about all of your trespasses against others, places where you may have lied or stolen or cheated. The blood is sufficient. Let God make you clean and feel the goodness of His grace at work in your mind and soul.

Learning the significance of these main offerings of the Old Testament can do wonders for your prayer life. Start today. Maybe even right now! Why wait? Heaven is only one faith-filled journey in prayer away. Onward and upward!


To learn more on this subject, check out Pastor Eric's Bible Study Next Level Prayer.

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