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How To Paint a Picture of Peace In Your Life

When you think of peace, what comes to your mind?

For some, it may be laying by the ocean hearing the waves crash against the shore.

For others, it may be curled up on the couch reading your favorite book.

It may even be spending time on the river, reeling in as many fish as you can.

Peace can be defined as a state of tranquility or simply, being calm. Many of you are like me, the example of Psalm 23 pops into your head when you consider calmness. You are lying in green pastures and God comforts you as His mercies and goodness follow after you.

But, what if there is a way to visualize peace even more clearly?

During college, I heard a story that changed my view of peace:

There was a contest amongst some painters to see who could paint a picture that best embodied peace. These painters each painted a picture but when everyone got done, the majority of the painters agreed that there was one single painting that should win. This painting was beautiful and portrayed green mountains with snow on the tops reflecting into a beautiful blue lake. It showed life and clouds and everything that peace looked like. But they were astonished when the King picked the winner. The King picked a painting that didn’t “look” like peace at all. It was stormy. The mountains were bare. The lake was choppy. But in a small section of the painting -- amid all the bareness and turmoil -- was a small bush housing a nest. In this small nest, safe from the storm, healthy in the wasteland, was a mother bird and her babies.

You see, peace isn’t the place we are at or the hobby we are doing. Peace is realizing that even though there is a storm around us, God is going to deliver us. Peace is the transformation of your mind; a literal change of mindset.

During a season in which COVID-19 has wreaked havoc upon the whole world, we have experienced something unlike anything in any of our lifetimes; young or old. It has been and continues to be, a major storm. We are experiencing a pandemic, economic trouble, and even spiritual warfare. And, it doesn’t look like it will be ending soon. But we can be sure, in this time of craziness, that God is with us and His peace is embodied in us. He told us so, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

Thankfully, His grace creates a realm of PEACE in our lives that surpasses all understanding and it will last until the end of our days!


I love the illustration that Aaran shared. It is so helpful in our attempt to visualize peace correctly.

My prayer, “Heavenly Father, I need a renewed mind. Completely transform the way I think. I have failed at guarding my heart and taking disturbing thoughts captive. Move in my life with the power of your Holy Spirit and wash my mind. Cleanse my thinking. Transform my thought processes. May I think with Heavenly perspective and properly visualize your work of grace and peace in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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