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Bible Story: Acts 10

The account of Cornelius is a very important part of the New Testament church. In the Old Testament, and even while Jesus was doing his earthly ministry, the Jews were God’s chosen people. God set apart the nation of Israel to be his special people. These people were known as the Jews. Anybody that was not a Jew was considered a Gentile. Before the account with Cornelius, God’s promises were reserved for the Jewish people. However, after Cornelius, things changed.

Cornelius was an officer of the Roman army. Even though Cornelius was a Gentile, the Bible says that Cornelius worshipped God and was even well respected by the Jewish community. Cornelius was a prime candidate to bridge the gap between the Jews and the Gentiles.

One day when Cornelius was praying, an angel appeared to him and told him to go find Simon Peter. Cornelius sent two men to go find Peter and bring him to his house.

Meanwhile, God was preparing Peter for this encounter. While Peter was praying, God showed him all kinds of animals that were unclean to the Jews (The Jewish law stated that some animals were not to be eaten by Jewish people). However, he was shown that none of these animals could be unclean because it was God who made them.

Towards the end of this vision, the Holy Spirit told him that the men Cornelius sent would be looking for him, and he was to go with them immediately. Peter, like Cornelius, was obedient to what the Holy Spirit told him, and he followed these men to Cornelius’s home.

Once they met, Peter and Cornelius started talking about the things that had happened to them and the visions they were shown. While they were talking, Peter said that it was clear to him that no person could be impure or unclean. Meaning, everyone that wanted access to God through Jesus, could have that relationship. God does not show favoritism. After this encounter, it was no longer whether someone was Jew or Gentile, but whether someone does what is right and worships God.

While Peter was talking to a crowd of Gentiles, the Holy Spirit fell on all those who were listening. This went to prove even further that God was giving the gift of the Holy Spirit to all kinds of people. Everyone was amazed at what had happened, and they all began to worship God.

The account of Cornelius and Peter was a significant event in the history of the church because it paved the way for all people to have unlimited access to God. We see that throughout the rest of the Bible, everyone that wanted to know God could get to know him. However, one thing remained the same; the only way to get to know God was through his son Jesus Christ. Jesus, through his death and resurrection, forgives our sins and lets us stand before God as a clean creature. Anyone who puts their trust in Jesus comes into right standing with God.

Key Takeaways:

  • God does not have favorites

  • God gives us the Holy Spirit

  • Be Obedient to the Holy Spirit


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