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Comfort in the Midst of Trouble

Some of the most compelling stories come from dangerous situations. There’s something about overcoming trouble that we humans find incredibly captivating. Hollywood has built an empire tapping into the feeling we receive when our backs are against the wall, and there is seemingly no way out. Whether it’s Clint Eastwood fighting his way out of trouble or the Avengers avoiding the Endgame, we love immersing ourselves in these situations with them. These stories send adrenaline surging through our bodies, and we get attached to these people and their problems. We get invested in these stories because we want to see their outcomes. We become the cheerleaders on the sidelines, doing our best to will these people to victory.

We enjoy these movies and stories because we know that things will work out in the back of our minds. But what do we do when troubling circumstances enter our own lives? How can we hope for victory when things are so uncertain? I believe the answer comes in one of the most famous Psalms in the Bible. Psalm 23:4 says, “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

Anybody that has lived for any reasonable amount of time knows that trouble will emerge in our lives. As much as we would like to avoid these situations, there is no way to escape the inevitable “dark valley.” God knows this better than we do; that’s why He has promised to be with us in these dark times. This promise gives us hope when life seems uncertain. When the Creator of the heavens and earth walks by our side, there is no reason to fear. God’s mighty power shields us from all harm.

However, we do have a role to play. God is always with us. His rod and His staff are always there to comfort us. But we must acknowledge His presence. The keys to our cars don’t do us any good if we deny their existence. A remote can’t change the channel if we ignore it being there. The same is true with God in all our situations. God wants to bring us peace and comfort that passes all understanding, but we have to be willing to let Him. By acknowledging God's presence and allowing Him to take control, we receive a supernatural comfort in the midst of trouble. When we know God is by our side, there is no mountain too high, valley too deep, or situation too hard. If you walk with God, He will walk with you.


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