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Bible Story: Numbers 13-14

Who was Caleb?

  • One of the Israelites that Moses led out of Egypt

  • One of the 12 spies who went to scout the Promised Land

When the Israelites came out of Egypt, their destination was Israel, the land God promised to give to Abraham’s descendants. There was a problem however, a bunch of other people were already living there. In order to take the Promised Land, the Israelites would have to kick everyone else out.

Before they did this, Moses selected 12 spies to scout the land and come back with a report. One of those spies was a man named Caleb. They went to scout the land and when they came back they all agreed that it was a beautiful place with all kinds of good land and food. But 10 of the spies said they couldn’t take the land because they were scared of the giants that lived there.

Caleb however, chose to trust God.

Caleb tried to convince everyone that they could conquer the land, but they wouldn’t listen to him. All the Israelites agreed with the 10 spies who said they couldn’t do what God had promised them. God wasn’t happy with the Israelites because they didn’t Him so he made them wander in the wilderness 40 years until all the unfaithful people died out before they could take the land.

Even though Caleb trusted God, he couldn’t go to the Promised Land either because of everyone else. But God loved that Caleb trusted Him, so He promised that one day Caleb and his family would experience the beautiful land he saw and gave a positive report on.

Key Takeaways:

  • God wants us to trust Him

  • God rewards those who trust Him


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