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Blaming Others or Building Rudders

My friend Rich Holmes, in his book, Noah: Surviving the Storm, gives us a great reminder, “We will all encounter life’s storms. There’s no pill we can swallow, no silver bullet we can buy, no book we can read that will keep us from all of life’s storms… Money, talent, education, or even following Jesus won’t prevent EVERY STORM.”

The storm Noah experienced was NOT because of his OWN ACTION or his OWN CHOICES. Noah was in the storm due to the actions and the choices of everyone around him. However, regardless of the circumstances that he found himself in, Noah did not shake his fist toward Heaven and say “God, this isn’t fair. I shouldn’t have to go through this storm. I’m righteous… Even you said so, God!”

Like Noah, we have a decision to make when we experience life’s storms. We can BLAME other people for our storm or BUILD rudders that help us navigate life’s adverse circumstances. Many people never build what God has called them to build because they are stuck in the cycle of blame. We can’t forget that God makes it clear through Noah’s story that he will not anoint BLAMING, but he can anoint BUILDING.

Check out this message from week 4 of our new series, Noah: Surviving the Storm, as Pastor Eric, in conjunction with his Pastor Rich Holmes’ study on the subject, reveals how God can give us the blueprint to navigate life’s storms that will lead to us coming out on the other side preserved and promoted.

Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” (Genesis 6:22 NIV)


My friend Rich Holmes wrote a great book on the subject of Noah, and his content inspired several of my thoughts on this subject. Get Rich's book here.

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