Are You On The Right Train?

One of the great theologians of the past century made this statement, "If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction." Think about it. If a train is taking you somewhere, you can run through the corridor as much as you would like in the opposite direction, but you are still going where the train is taking you.

Thoughts are like trains. And, sometimes, you simply have to understand that you are boarding the wrong train with your thoughts. You can talk as much as you would like about changing the way you think or how you wish you could be more positive, less lustful, etc.; however, until you change the direction of the train, you’re still going to wind up at the destination located at the end of those rails.

God has something for you stationed in the destination of transformation. But, you can only get there by refusing conformity to this world and yielding to the renewal of your mind as you submit your life like a living sacrifice to the will of God. And, even when you board this train -- the right train -- and set off on the rails of renewal headed for transformation, the enemy is still going to do everything he can to wreck your forward progression.

I’m sure you have watched a few westerns in your times of TV binging. Maybe not? Either way, let me give you a spoiler alert, if you are watching a western and someone gets on a train, get ready for action because robbers are about to arrive on-screen. If there is anything of value on the train, an enemy is coming to try and steal it. If he has to blow out the bridge, destroy the rails, or drop in through the roof, be assured an ambush is coming! There is absolutely no difference in our lives when it comes to boarding the right train. If your train of thought carries the treasure of life-giving submission to the will of God, then the enemy knows he has to derail you from the tracks of renewal; before you arrive at the destination of transformation. Otherwise, you will not conform to this world and he will have lost access to whatever he desired to steal from you!

I would love to share more with you on this subject and provide you with three things you need to know about the Mind of Christ, and some truth about the importance of not being derailed by ambushes that have been set for you by your enemy. You can watch my message, “Trains of Thought” at this link.

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