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10 Questions to Identify Spiritual Erosion

The difference between a river and a swamp is order. One remains within the hedge of its banks, and the other does not. But, a river never becomes a swamp overnight. The erosion is gradual; sometimes taking many years. And, it is important to note that while a river can become a swamp, a swamp can never become a river -- unless significant excavation is involved.

EROSION is the gradual destruction of something.

Examine your life. Are there signs of spiritual or emotional erosion?

1. Is your joy eroding into depression?

2. Is love eroding into unforgiveness?

3. In places where you were once disciplined, are you now struggling with self-control?

4. Were you once free from your addiction, but now habitual sin is eroding your deliverance? 5. Is the unconditional acceptance of others eroding into cynical criticisms?

6. Is passion for God eroding into fleshly pursuits?

7. Is patience eroding into temper tantrums?

8. Is the desire for your spouse eroding into a lustful gaze for others?

9. Is generosity eroding into greed?

10. Is serving others eroding into self-entitlement?

God’s grace specializes in bringing order to chaos (Ref. Gen 1). And, He is also in the business of establishing life-giving rivers. (Ref. John 7:37)

Restoration is just moments away. Invite God to renew your mind as you repent for having ignored the erosion up to this point and believe that a time of refreshing is available to you. (Ref. Acts 3:20)

Grace awaits you. God will restore the hedge and give you the power and wisdom to maintain the spiritual order that has been eroding away in your life.


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Eric, thank you for taking the time to write this blog. The ten points that you provided for examination are a providential follow up as I continue to soak myself in the edifying message you delivered Sunday. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will show me where and how I am failing to seek after, follow and sit at the feet of Him, “the most excellent thing”, in my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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